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Malaysia’s OSS Heroes

Malaysia's OSS Heroes
Mior Muhammad Zaki, Redhuan D. Oon, Colin Charles, Syamil MJ, Azrul Rahim

I was at Malaysia Open Source Conference ( this year. Not for the whole conference though. Just to give a quick 45-minute (which concluded in 30) talk. The title of my talk is Malaysia’s OSS Heroes. OSS stands for Open Source Software by the way. I am going to show you my slides later on, but generally, I like sharing about the many cool people I know and about what they do and have done.

These people that I have on slides contributed a lot in terms of software and programming, and their OSS fans counterparts love them it.

So I gathered the five Malaysians that is big in OSS, put them in a series of slides, and let the people know. Oh, with the help of Ajif from, I also “hero them up” a bit.

Anyway, do check out the slides over at

By the way, is awesome. It’s based on Reveal JS (gotta use open source for open source conference) and it has cool features for doing presentations like controlling the slides with your mobile phone.

Please bear in mind that this is not in any particular order. Also, I do not deny that there may be others also deserves to be called Malaysia’s OSS Heroes — I just don’t know them (yet). If you know more, do let me know. Comment here.

Head over to for the presentation

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